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The TR50 Turf Renovator was conceived as a direct result of industry demand for a multi-purpose turf maintenance machine.

The TR50 Turf Renovator has been designed for use in all Turf areas including Golf Courses, Sportsfields, Parklands, Tennis Courts, Racetracks, Cemeteries and any large Turf areas.

Standard Unit

The TR50 basic unit is a tractor mounted, PTO driven Scarifier which has a 1200mm operating width, counter rotating reels fitted with either 3mm or 5mm blades at 50mm spacings.

The machine has a maximum operating depth of 50mm and has been designed for use with both compact and medium range tractors.

A variety of reels can be fitted to the TR50 to suit most applications. Reels are easily removed and replaced in a matter of minutes.

Optional reels available include flail reel and de-thatching reel.

Adjustable front and rear rollers together with a flexible top linkage allow precision height control and operation over contours and undulations.

Easy to operate and versatile with scarifying, de-thatching, and over sowing.

Options for the TR50:

 * Optional Precision seeder  

 * Optional Wheel kit

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TR50 - 74 Brochure


Model Reference: TR50 standard unit
(3mm tipped scarifying reel)
Width: 1590mm
Height: 780mm
Depth: 875mm
Weight: 285mm
Operating Depth: 0-50mm
Options: 3mm Blade Tungstun Tip Scarifying Reel. 3mm Bladed Flail Reel. 1.2mm tungstun tipped disc de-thatching Reel.
Operating Ground Speed: 4-12kph depending on application
Operating PTO Speed: 540 PTO (795 Reel RPM.

1000 PTO (1470 Reel RPM)

Power requirements: 15kw-24kw
Features: Rugged chassis supports a 34kw rated gear box driving a polygates belt drive system. Drive sprockets are splined to toughened and case hardened drive shafts. Externally mounted bearings for easy service which can be carried out with basic hand tools.
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