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The TA30 when correctly weighted for the prevailing conditions penetrates and runs on the blade wheels. This gives almost no surface disturbance while creating large fan shaped slots underground. The penetration of compaction layers and water retentive layers allows both drainage and  water and air to penetrate. Grass roots quickly fill these voids to deeper levels improving both the health of the grass and the soil structure.

Used correctly and often, grass can be made more drought tolerant needing both less water and less fertiliser. Healthy grass needs less chemicals. Improvement of the soil structure can be done simply with a TA30 and allowing nature to work.

TA30 Deep Aerator Turfmach's TA30 tractor mounted deep aerator is specifically designed for use on sports grounds, fairways and general turf areas. Heavy duty slitting tines are fitted to six round plates mounted on the centre shaft. The tine design and the angle of penetration combine to give minimum surface disturbance.

The tines slice smoothly into the soil and lift out cleanly. They produce a deep uniform slit. The tines have a standard maximum depth of 225mm but if routine aeration is required they can be adjusted to 187mm or 15Omm.

The TA30 is quickly and simply attached to any tractor with three-point linkage. Once fitted it is easily transported in the lifted position. The sturdy safety guard is standard on the TA30. It provides complete protection in both the lifting and operating modes.

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TA30 Brochure


  TA30 TA40
Width 1.55 metres 2.15 metres
Height 1.55 metres 1.55 metres
Tines Set of 30 slitting tines for deep aeration. Set of 40 slitting tines for deep aeration.
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