TTR3 - Dethatching, Scarifiying, Verticutting, Grooming.


Improves the quality of  racetracks,golf courses or any fine turf sportsfield through thatch removal, allowing more hydration to penetrate through to the roots and allowing sunlight to the optimum growth area, promoting a healthier environment for your grass. 


TR50-74 - Seeding, Dethatching, Scarifying, Verticutting, Grooming.

Sports field or any location with high levels of traffic, its precision seeder can be made to sow the finest seeds at minimum rates.

HSS - High Speed Sweeper

Popular with Councils or any organization needing to present there location to a professional standard e.g. Parks & Gardens. The Patented hitch system allows the HSS for maximum maneuverability in its class.

CD36 - Compact Detchatcher

Specifically designed for small areas where compact tractors are used most.    

TA30 - Aerator

Penetrating deep into the soil where the heaviest compacting occurs our deep aerating machinery leaves no mess and is easy to use.    
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Turfmach Australia has been building Turf renovators for 23 years. Through innovation, reliability and productivity, Turfmach continues to fortify it’s foundations for moving forward into the future.
Turfmach Renovators are Australian made, focusing on designing and engineering their machinery for all fine turf conditions.
With international recognition, the lists of exports are to United Kingdom, Middle East, South East Asia and the United States.     

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