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This unit is designed for use with compact tractors with a 20-30 H.P. rating. It is fast, quiet, and clean in operation, allowing for regular use on greens. The collector reduces clean up time, this allows golf greens and turfed areas to be put back into service rapidly. No clean up time required, just dethatch then mow.

- Blades 1.2mm (1/16”) tungsten tipped disc with 25mm (1”) spacings or as required

- Operating depth 0-30mm (0-11/4”)

- Contra Rotating for more effective dethatching

- Hi power triple belt driven system with cast-iron pulleys

- 900mm (35”) operating width

- A low 20 H.P. minimum requirement, with 540 P.T.O output RPM

- Approximately 20-60 minutes per 1000m2 (1200 sq. Yds) depending on conditions

- Collector fitted as standard

- Built strong for long life and minimum maintenance

- Depth of cut adjustable by front and rear rollers

- Weight, 130kg (290lb)

- Blades or tips replaceable independently

- Excellent for harvesting stolons for repair work

- Very low noise when operating makes machine suitable for operating around residential areas

- Narrow working width suitable for Golf & Bowling Greens, Golf Tees and limited access areas such as Lawns, Nature Strips, Traffic Islands and lawn areas around Plaques in Cemeteries etc

- Can be used for fairway work with collector removed

- Excellent results on Sports Fields, Tennis Courts and Parkland areas



Tractor H.P.   Compact min. 15 H.P.
P.T.O. RPM 540
Operating Width 900mm (35”)
Gearbox H / Duty, Rated  25 H.P.
Belts Gates High Power x 3
Pulleys   Cast Iron, T/Lock
Bearings Sealed, greasable
Blades  Tungsten tipped replaceable per tooth or blade
Blade Thickness 1.2mm (1/16”)
Blade Spacings  Standard 25mm (1”) or as required
Cutting Depth  0 - 30mm (0 - 11/4”)
Scarifier Adjustment   Pin and hole, roller
Load Dumping Cord and flap
How Connected to Tractor   3 Point linkage
Roller Diameter 75mm ( 3” )
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